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 October 2007 - Translation of Radio Bremen Interview
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Richard's Mistress
Richard's Mistress

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PostPosted: January 13, 2010, 10:59 am    Post subject: October 2007 - Translation of Radio Bremen Interview  Reply with quote

Thanks to dany from Emigrate fanclub for the translation


Interviewer: What is it about the artwork?
Richard: It's a very dark artwork. I want it to represent myself as visual and theatrical…I´m a friend of Dali! I always had a picture of a black cube in my head! It's a part of the draft. The new world as a black cube!

Interviewer: Did you ever loose confidence singing?
Richard: Yes, in the beginning. Because I had no experience as a singer. But I work with a vocal coach of Mick Jagger. He costs more than $180 per half hour! But he scolded me for smoking before the lesson!

(They played 'This is what')

Interviewer: What do your colleagues of Rammstein think about Emigrate?
Richard: We don't speak about it. But they always support me! I showed them the "My world" Video and they liked it.

Interviewer: How was the communication between all Rammstein members during the break?
Richard: We didn't meet for more than 1 year. But I often meet with Till, because he is one of my best friends. We have the same mother of our children. It's very familiar…

Interviewer: Did you play the guitar every day?
Richard. Yes. Several times. When I create a new song…it´s like an orgasm! A very magical moment!
I feel "not worthy" when I don't create songs. It´s a addiction. It makes me lonely and ill. And I need a lot of attention…but I work on it to fill that!

Interviewer: Do you ever play acoustic guitar?
Richard: Yes. I played that guitar when my daughter must go to bed!

Moderator: Do you listen to music loud?
Richard: Very loud! I'm a little deaf…Especially when I listen to music very loud in the car. I love speed and loud music. I love the risk!

Interviewer: What do you do in the morning?
Richard: I do the 5 lessons of the tibetian! Then go jog or listen to music.

Interviewer: You're 40 years old. How do you feel now?
Richard: I don't like being 40! I thought about "the end"! I also thought about my past and my future. I was depressed about all that! But I'm ok now. I feel good!

Interviewer: What does music mean to you?
Richard: Music is a part of my life. It's my healing. The only way to survive. In 1987/1988 I squat a house in Berlin. The only thing I had was a guitar, an amp, and drums. I met Paul for the first time at the house. I'm searching for love in music! I had lots of problems with my mother…I didn't get love from my mother! So I'm looking for love my entire life!

(They played a song from NIN)

Interviewer: Which bands were important to you?
Richard: I listen to AC/DC mostly. It was very important to me. It was a liberation for me, because I was often under house arrest at home.

Interviewer: Where did you grow up?
Richard: In Weißen/Wittenberge. I stayed there for 8 years. I was very lucky! There were cows and horses…I lived there with my older brother and a younger sister. And I was the "troublemaker" in our family. I spend a lot of time in nature. Later we moved to the city of Schwerin. And our family broke up. So I didn't get attention…

Interviewer: Where do your parents live today?
Richard: My mother lives in Schwerin and my father in Ludwigslust. A few weeks ago, my mother told me, that she was bought my Emigrate album!

Interviewer: And what about your siblings?
Richard: My brother is a lawyer. My sister is a housewife. Married and have 2 children. She met her husband when she was 13! They are still together! She never had a another man. But she is very lucky!

Interviewer: How is your relationship with your mother today?
Richard: We have a good relationship. I think you should forgive in your life…I had a long therapy and I forgive her…

Interviewer: How were your school days?
Richard: I was average in school. I trained as a cook when I was 17. After that I studied music at the conservatory. And I was champion of the youth in Wrestling. But I also worked as a cleaning man! I cleaned the apartment of an old lady. She loved poodles. When the dogs died, she stuffed the dogs! So I must clean the dead dogs every day!

Interviewer: Which bands do you like today?
Richard: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, but also Kiss. Kiss accompanied me for a long time. I had a poster on my door when I was young. But Kiss was forbidden in East Germany! My dad ripped the poster to pieces…But I spent the whole night putting it back together! Later we went on Tour with Kiss. That was indescribable! I also appraise Martin Gore and Trent Raznor.

(They played Sex Pistols)

Interviewer: Whereabouts is Rammstein at the moment?
Richard: We were at the Baltic sea in July. We had a lot of fun! And we played very hard music again!


"Our lyrics aren't scandalous. They are just lovesongs from extreme angels" - Richard Z. Kruspe
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